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🚨This project is archived and unmantained.🚨
For InfluxDB v2+ support, please use the official Python client library.

Asynchronous Python client for `InfluxDB`_. Built on top of `aiohttp`_ and `asyncio`_. Aioinflux is an alternative to the official InfluxDB Python client.

Aioinflux supports interacting with InfluxDB in a non-blocking way by using `aiohttp`_. It also supports writing and querying of `Pandas`_ dataframes, among other handy functionality.


To contribute, fork the repository on GitHub, make your changes and submit a pull request.
Aioinflux is not a mature project yet, so just simply raising issues is also greatly appreciated :)


  • InfluxDB-Python: The official blocking-only client. Based on Requests.

  • influx-sansio: Fork of aioinflux using curio/trio and asks as a backend.

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